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#1 Reddit Manchester

/r/Manchester's official Discord - Manchester's biggest dedicated social community server, featuring a live feed for the /r/Manchester subreddit, su..


We're a community of passionate & friendly gamers. If you're ever bored you can ask people to play with you. Even bring your own friends ove..


A server to discuss the video game

#4 Static Space

Static Space is a community for artists, designers, musicians etc where we share our work and inspire each other...

#5 Lavish 💸

We offer... ༄ Brand new server ✓ ༄ 1:1 Female/Male ratio ✓ ༄ Selfie's channel ✓ ༄ Music & Memes ✓ ༄ Media ✓ à¼..

#6 Roblox

Welcome to the Roblox unofficial Discord server! You can talk about just Roblox, or be cooler and talk about whatever you want. Make sure to read the ..

#7 Community Server

➤Active • Friendly • Fun community • 24/7 ➤Neat leveling roles • Self assignable roles ➤Fun, useful, & musical bots (with radi..

#8 ChatChan

We welcome everyone. ChatСhan is waiting for everyone to join the growing community \ (★ ω ★) /..

#9 JJBARP: Modern Crusaders

Our server is a RP server where you can create your own custom Stand User! It takes place in a unique alternate universe after the end of part 6. In t..

#10 Asuka Langley Server

Character server for Asuka Langley from the show Neon Genesis Evangelion..

#11 Asuka Langley Server

Character server for Asuka Langley from the show Neon Genesis Evangelion..

#12 Paranormal

New York City. The city of everyone's aspirations. Everything is complete. Lady Liberty stands in the distance, the sun beating down upon it. Little k..

#13 Artists Galore

We are a extreme fun and friendly server for artists or people who love art in general. Our focus is mainly anime art, but all the art types are accep..

#14 Mega Cat Studios

Free games, giveaways, and discussions for fans of new retro and indie games from Mega Cat Studios. Come say hello and take part in our community of c..

#15 kpop singing

the best kpop discord server for all kpop fans and gamers with 10k members and active...

#16 K-pop Haven

Come visit us and see the many diversities of the many K-pop groups that our in our time! ..

#17 PG Boss's Server

Chill place with almost 700 people. Talk with members and make new friends and join events!..

#18 AlpHa's Hood

we play games chill and listen to music. Come on down and join..

#19 Multiverse Academy

Its a marvel/avengers roleplay server (nsfw allowed) where tony stark made the avengers academey now theres students that needs to study and teachers ..

#20 Team Crossover Racing! RP

Put the pedal to the metal and press that Team Ultimate button, cause it's racing time! Welcome to the definitive Team Crossover Racing Roleplay! H..

#21 The Wolf Pack Clan

Always United - Never Divide! The Motto we were founded upon 15 years ago that started our Tight Knit community! We are a group that focuses on Co..

#22 Bot DENEME

Yapma beee!..

#23 Five Nights at Freddy's

A community discussing everything about Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) - The Games, The Books, The Movies & The Attractions,..

#24 Chess

Its good Discord server ..

#25 ♡ Nyan ♡

♡ ║ friendly staff ♡ ║ self assignable roles ♡ ║ music channels! ♡ ║ 50+ cute emotes! ..

#26 Kube

Kube is a community based Discord server with partnerships, colored roles and non-strict staff members. We have many channels for you to speak in...

#27 Citionium

Welcome to CITIONIUM Owner- Zombi3man215#5361 - music - temp vc's - color roles - mc server (coming soon) - chat with mc server in discord Well..

#28 Sexy Time

❥ Own content NSFW sections (female, male and other sections) ❥ Many roles that are both sfw/nsfw in nature. ❥ Events that are both sfw and ns..

#29 Imperial Wolfram Regalia

looking for a solid Monster hunter group to hunt with? Imperial wolfram regalia is a growing group and still actively hunting and recruiting as well...

#30 [Skyoe Deluxe]

Skyoe es un grupo de Discord enfocado a conversar con otros usuarios sobre diferentes temas relacionados con sus intereses que ya posee una base de us..

#31 Gothic - Dark Souls

If you are a Goth,Emo,Witch,Vampire or Interested in Dark World Then Wecome to Underworld.> Gothic, Vampire, Emo ,Satan,Skull,Evil,Lucifer,Mons..


Are you a gamer or just looking for a community? Risky is the server for you! We’re a small community looking to find some great people to help us g..

#33 Chill Paradise

Welcome to Chill Paradise, a welcoming and friendly community centered around gaming. We have weekly giveaways, kahoot & movie nights and more..

#34 Ant's Hideout

Ant's Hideout is a server I made for people to chill talk about lore and a server that has child friendly content. But also not child friendly content..

#35 𝙱𝚎𝚛𝚕𝚒𝚗: 𝚋

Hey! At this server, there's a sequel roleplay based on the game Detroit: Become Human! Besides roleplaying, there are many other channels where you c..

#36 LunarPvP | Network

An AWESOME 🚀Galactic🛸-Based Minecraft Server Called 🌕LUNARPVP.🌕 You Can Play Multiple Gamemodes Ranging From: 🌀 Skyblock ( Maintenenc..

#37 World of Sundered Death

this is a zombie crossover rpg for everyone to enjoy furry's non furry's pokemon fan's you name it all in this rp server !..

#38 The Coffee House

≫ Daily events/giveaways ≫ Partnerships ≫ Advertising channels ≫ Media • Movies & Series • Technology channels • And more â‰..

#39 Money Gurus

Money Gurus is the go-to Discord for people looking for ways to earn money online. At its core, our community is based on a friendly and patient atmos..

#40 Money Gurus

Money Gurus is the go-to Discord for people looking for ways to earn money online. At its core, our community is based on a friendly and patient atmos..

#42 Zbran Pre Bohov-pagan

we are the Zbran Pre Bohov a server dedicated to helping out the pagan community, if your interested in being a part of something join! if your intere..

#43 Pat's Lounge

Thank you for checking out this server! We are a small server, yet growing. We want to be a community that provides a safe environment for everyone. ..

#44 ItzRedRoses Den

A friendly youtube server...

#45 Otaku United - Powered by QooA

This is a QooApp powered Discord - a platform for anime games and all things otaku! We aim to create a vibrant community for Anime, Comic, and Games ..

#46 [SELD] Shredded Lead

This is a destiny 2 discord made for the purpose of increasing the games fandom!~..

#47 FetLife-n-Fandoms

ADULT community for kinksters and geeks that are 21+ residing in North America. ✨ Casual Chat Environment ✨ Porn on Demand &a..

#48 [RBC] ROBLOX Bypass Community

Hey there and welcome to RBC ROBLOX Bypass Community! We are the fastest growing & most active ROBLOX Bypass Community Discord server out ther..