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#1 RamenCoin Official

🌐This is a Multilingual server. Here you will meet people who come from all four corners of the earth, people of all ages and cultures, people who..

#2 Official | Chill house

Welcome to **Official |Chill House** in this server you can **advertise your discord server** in a lot of sections (community,entairtnment,music,gamin..

#3 Official | Chill house

Welcome to **Official |Chill House** in this server you can **advertise your discord server** in a lot of sections (community,entairtnment,music,gamin..

#4 ChatNet

ChatNet is a community server to invite friends or make friends! ChatNet also has Partner Manager application free if you would like to support us...

#5 Alternative Minds

we're a new server on the block, We've got a small community of open minded people that know how to have a laugh. Feel free to drop by and say hello, ..

#6 Content Advertising

Content Advertising is a place where you can freely advertise your server and services for people to enjoy!..

#7 iKonic Gaming Hey , welcome to iKonic Gaming. We are a casual gaming community focused on FPS games and BR games we currently have not al..

#8 The Wolf Den

🐺THE WOLF DEN (TWD)🐺 we are a friendly LGBTQ+ furry server that accepts all regardless of fandoms, sexualities and genders. We are a chilled co..

#9 Nuclear Vaporized Gaming

Nuclear Vaporized Gaming is a community of fellow gamers. This group is more than just a family. We want to grow into something more than just a commu..

#10 Mind Control Masters

Enjoy learning hypnosis and NLP. And get best of subliminals and large of political and psychological hidden techniques as you scroll up and down in a..

#11 YT Sub4Sub!

```Hey! Check out our server :smile: We have amazing staff and legit subscribers If you are looking to catch a break and get some subscribers,This i..

#13 Giveaway Lounge

Giveaway Lounge 💰 We are a newly growing community, we provide a friendly, fun community as well as a variety of bots for you to mess around wit..

#14 🌠 Tнε Rεκτ

The Rekt server, simple and friendly community...

#15 Phil Swift's Studio

Look look, we're different to most community servers, really. Just go hop on, you can do the rest!..

#16 IPTG

On this server you can talk about public transport topics and share your pictures and even create memes about it...

#17 Andromeda

Hi and welcome to Andromeda! This is a chill and family friendly server suited for anyone who uses Discord. Enjoy social chats and more when you join..

#18 Furry Friends

This is a group that is based around the furry community. We are open to anyone who is a furry, fur friendly or someone who just wants to find a serve..

#19 budgethub

:ballot_box_with_check: Cheap accounts for netflix and others :white_check_mark: Memes, videos, music, pictures. :ballot_box_with_check: if you ..

#20 Warriors of the Grasslands

A brand new Warriors FanClan Roleplay! Find out more in the server. Most Highranks open. Help us grow!..

#21 Cookin' it up

Cookin' it up is a sneaker discord focused on helping you cop all the hot sneaker and streetwear releases...

#22 DHH

Zaprszamy Wszystkich z Polski :)..

#23 Damned Council

Damned Council is an everything server! We have roleplay, gaming & anime discussion, self promotion, giveaways, weekly events and more!..

#24 Black Order Academy

Based on the concept of black supremacy. ✔ Self-assigned roles ✔ Strictly adult 18+ server ✔ Roleplay ✔ LBTQ-friendly ✔ Everyone welcom..

#25 Pleasure Palace

A place to have fun for all members. Both sfw and nsfw channels. ..

#26 Endless Advertising

Looking for an area to Advertise your Discord server or your Social media? If so, we are your go-to server! ..

#27 The Playpen

All kinksters welcome! We are an educational server focused on fostering lasting kink partnerships and hot play in a safe environment, SSC and RACK pl..


A chill, yet active community for Monster Hunter Generations on the Nintendo Switch...

#29 Cloud City

**『Hey you! Looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly server?』** Well come join【Cloud City】! We're a kind, supportive community with lots to offer. 40..

#30 Anime Allstars

Hiya, we are a new server wanted to grow and have a community about games and anime but we are willing branch to much more..

#31 (Minecraft) Pumpkins amazing h

Hey! Do you like Minecraft? If not all good! This chat is for everyone! We are friendly and helpful in anyway! We can give you tips and help with almo..

#32 Top Furs drama free, awesome f

Looking for a place to spend time and chat with other furs? Looking for another avenue to post your art? Into Fursuiting? Have a hobby outside the fan..

#33 Public Test Server

Just a test server people can join if they want to test stuff (aka I'm testing stuff). No you won't have free admin or anything like that, it's still..

#34 Hentai House

Hentai House is a server dedicated to sharing hentai and talking about weeb shit...

#35 Dan's House

Welcome to my House! We offer a community where you can be yourself with nearly no rules to follow! You can dump your memes here, make friends, play..

#36 Potatoz4Lif

This server has many things to choose from! Play Minigames, Find People to Play With, Hangout, etc! ..

#37 Discord advertising

You want to help help your Discord grow. This is the place to be. We all do giveaways and much more. So join now. ..

#39 MEME World

Here at MEME World, you can get the best quality memes. Also come here to bump up your daily MEME SUGAR...

#40 Tsukei

Tsukei is a non-toxic, SFW community centered around anime & Japanese culture. Friendly staff, warm atmosphere, events & giveaways! Ev..

#41 Do It For The LOLS

A fun place to chat and make friends!..

#42 Inceptum

An Original Supernatural (Vampire, Etc) Roleplay community...

#43 The Umbrella Academy Server!

A server for all of you Umbrella Academy Fans out there!..

#44 Grown Up Sanctuary

An 18+ server where adult rpers can -connect with other rpers -advertise their servers -find partners for 1 on 1 rp -find adult friendly servers ..

#45 Stitch Paradise

⁑-Stitch Paradise-⁑ Stitch Paradise is a Fun and Fresh server ran by One Owners. Stitch Paradise follows Discord TOS, and even enforces them. Our..

#46 Freeze Advertising

The clean server to advertise! We also have many stuff! Join now!..

#47 A r i

(✿◕‿◕) Ari (◕‿◕✿) This is a small server looking for chill people to hang out with. ʕ =ᴥ=ʔ We like doing random stuff like..

#48 PokeLounge

Welcome to PokeLounge! This server is about Pokemons (& more)! We have Pokécord, Pokéverse, PokeBot (our custom pokemon bot), RSG Bot..